Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Office Dog

Today, I was an office dog. Mom's office is not dog-unfriendly (she says she can bring me in "once in a while") so I got to hang out with her. It was mostly boring. I got lots of pets from the other people there, though, so it wasn't all bad. But after 6 hours I was getting really really bored. I wanted to go home and sleep on the couch and Mom wouldn't take me home because she said she had to "work." She didn't look like she was working. She was just sitting in front of a computer like she does at home. I don't know why Mom goes away all the time to her office if it's so boring. I think she should stay at home with me.

Someone at her office asked how I was so well-behaved, though! He said he wants his dog to act like me! See, Mom and Dad? I AM good!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Mom goes away for a long time at night because she has to go to "work." I miss her a lot when she's gone, and she sleeps during the day, so she decided that I should go to "daycare." I didn't really know what that was, but she took me to a place with lots of dogs and then a lady asked lots of questions about me before letting me meet and play with a bunch of dogs. I was a little nervous because there were lots of dogs and Mom wasn't there with me, but they were mostly nice and wanted to play. I like to play, so it was good.

I got to go to my first full day of daycare and it was fun! I played a lot and even took a nap. When I got home, I was very very tired from running all day. I slept on the couch while Mom was at work. I was so tired I barely noticed when Mom came home. When Mom gets home, we watch TV together. She likes a show she found on "Netflix" called "Dogtown." It has lots of dogs in it. At first hearing the dogs bark was confusing but now I know they aren't really here. Sometimes she gets sad about the dogs in Dogtown. I get sad too, because sometimes I remember what it was like before. I'm glad that now I have a couch of my own to sleep on. And now, I get to go out and play with dogs even when Mom is busy. She tells me that one day I'll have a foster brother or sister but that right now they can't have any more animals. I don't see why not, because the couch fits me and the cat and I bet it would fit another dog too. If I had a brother we could play all the time and I could show him how to do things like sit in the elevator for treats and how to bring a Kong to Mom or Dad because sometimes they fill it when you do that. Mom says to be patient, but it's hard to be patient when you don't know how long something will take. I hope I get a brother soon.