Saturday, October 22, 2011

Makin' Friends

I love the dog park. It's my favorite place ever. I make lots of friends there and I get to run around. Sometimes we play fetch. Mom remembered her camera this time so she has lots of pictures of me playing.

Waiting for Mom to throw the ball!

I don't know how so much water ended up on my head.

Meeting new friends.

A friend who looks just like me!

I'm the black one.

Dad says I'm going to get hooked on going to the dog park, but Mom said that she's already hooked on me not running around at night. I'm even getting better about coming when she calls me, even when I can't see her. But sometimes everything is so interesting I just have to check it out before I go back to Mom. Her treats are good, but not THAT good!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting Comfortable

I used to guard really high value things like rawhides and raw bones. I would growl if Mom or Dad got too close if I had one and once I snapped at Dad because he was making me uncomfortable when I had a rawhide. Mom knew about this when I came here, so she knew she had to work on it. She got me lots of tasty things like pork chews so we could practice "drop it." I was excited cause the clicker means more treats! Thing is, I get so excited over hot dogs that I have to make sure Mom is going to give them to me. That means I didn't really chew on the pork chew, so Mom got out a secret weapon-- a raw bone. Before, I was really scared Mom or Dad was going to take this bone away from me, so Mom traded me for a hot dog and then put the bone in the freezer for practice later. Mom gave me the bone but I was much more interested in what she wanted me to do for the clicker. I tried all the tricks I knew but she wouldn't click! Finally she had me "drop it" when I was chewing on it, and when I did, I got a piece of hot dog! Hot dogs are the best. She could even take the bone away from me. It was okay, I knew she was going to give it back. Later I chewed on the bone next to her on the couch. Mom was amazed because I was so trusting now, but it's because I know she isn't going to take anything away from me forever (except maybe things I find on walks that smell tasty.)

I guess I still need to work on completely dropping whatever I'm told to drop, instead of only dropping it if someone is holding it. But "working on it" means the clicker, and more treats! I like treats. I hope we train again soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Naptime Thoughts

Sometimes Mom worries that I don't actually love her but then sometimes this happens, and Dad takes a picture. When will she understand that I'm here to stay and love her forever?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dog Park!

I'm feeling better now so today I got to go to the dog park. I love the dog park. It's the best place ever. There's dogs there and I like to play with them. Mom forgot her camera, though, so we don't have any pictures of me playing and running. My favorite game to play with other dogs is chase. I had a lot of good games of chase today. I don't know why some dogs don't like to play with me. They just ignore me when I try to play chase with them. I was being very nice, but they ignored me. That was okay, though, cause there were lots of dogs that did want to play chase. We had lots of fun.

Once we got home I was very hungry and tired. I even ate my special food which I don't like very much. Then I rested. I go from place to place, because sometimes I'm in the mood for the couch and other times the floor. Dad leaves his laundry out by the bed which I like because it's nice to lay on. Sometimes I like the laundry better than my bed.

Mom says she likes me better when I'm sleepy. That's silly, I don't play as much when I'm sleepy. But Mom likes me that way so she takes me to the dog park so I can run off my zoomies. I don't have very many zoomies left now. I guess I should recharge.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I haven't been feeling too great lately. Sometimes I don't even want my special food of chicken and rice. So Mom made me go to the V-E-T today. The human ladies there were very nice, but I got told off by a little dog who didn't want to play with me. I don't know why she didn't want to play with me, I was being very nice. Mom joked that with today's visit, if I were a car, the fuel and repairs were costing far more than my cash value. That's silly, though, cause I'm not a car. I'm a dog! Cars don't snuggle up with you or fetch things. Cars just make loud noises and take you places. I take Mom places on walks all the time, so a Koby is much better than a car. I even make loud noises sometimes, when there are intruders outside the door.

The couch is very comfy.
I get even special-er food now. It's supposed to help my tummy. I also get cheese again! Yay, cheese! Mom calls it my "special cheese" but I don't know why. I get cheese twice a day! Cheese is the best. Today I slept a lot so I can get better and play more when Mom gets worried at the computer. She needs to play more so she can be happy all the time. Maybe she's sad because it's raining and she can't go outside. I know I'd be sad if I couldn't go outside, cause I like going outside. I still go outside when it's raining, but I get wet. That's okay, though. The ground gets squishy and fun when it's raining. I hope we go outside again soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Working those brain cells.
Mom put a cookie with a string tied around it under the couch, and then pulled it out to show me how she could get it by pulling on the string. She showed me a few times but I didn't get what she was doing. All I knew was that she kept putting the cookie under the couch and I wanted it! I put my nose under the couch but I couldn't get the cookie. I could smell the cookie and see the cookie, but I couldn't eat the cookie. I was very sad.

There's a cookie under there...
I tried to get Mom to get me the cookie but she wouldn't. I tried staring at her until she got it for me but she didn't. She just said I had to figure it out for myself. But I had figured it out, my nose wouldn't fit under the couch so she had to get it for me! So embarrassing. I finally tried using my paws to get it and it worked! I'm still not sure what that string has to do with anything.

I guess we get to practice this "game" some more until I do what I'm supposed to do. Why don't they just give me the cookie? I like cookies.