Friday, January 13, 2012

Meeting Baracus

Mom and Dad brought home a cat. He's black and white and doesn't play with me. I try to be friendly and show him that I want to play and I even lick his ears for him, but he just goes away where I can't follow him when I do that. Before, I couldn't even lick him because Mom and Dad kept us separated for forever. And then I could sniff him, but only while I was on leash. And I had to be in the bedroom a lot because I couldn't be trusted alone with the cat. It was very frustrating. I just wanted to be friends! Now we share the couch sometimes, but he still doesn't like me licking him.

For Christmas, Mom bought me a beef tendon. I didn't like it. It was chewy and not very tasty. Mom said I was the worst at being a dog. But it wasn't tasty! Who wants to eat things that aren't tasty? But a couple days later she gave me a bunch of raw meat and I loved that. Even the cat had some. I hope she does that again because meat is the best. Mom and Dad also got me a toy. It crinkled and they let me rip it apart! I had lots of fun with it. I've also been going out with Mom and Dad more and learning to be nice when they're trying to eat outside. The trick is that if I have chewies, then I don't care about all the other interesting people, because I have a much more interesting chewy. Other dogs are more interesting than whatever I'm eating, though. It'd be rude not to say hi, right?

Mom says she's taking me to school soon. I've never been to school, but I like learning things! Mom has taught me a lot but she says it'd be nice to have some formal instruction. I don't mind, because learning things means lots of treats, and treats are the best. Except maybe for belly rubs. Belly rubs are awesome, too.

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