Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trail Runs!

Waiting for Mom!
Mom has been training for her mar-a-thon which means lots of running! She recently discovered that I do great off leash on the trails and that it keeps her from trying to rein me in all the time. I just get so excited! When I'm off leash, I can sniff what I want and then run past her to sniff something else until she catches up. She's so slow. I like running with Mom, but it's best when I can do it at my pace, which is fast!

We met a horse on the trail which I wasn't too sure about. I mean, horses are big. Much bigger than a Koby. I just got out of his way, because I don't want to be a trampled Koby! Mom ran over eight miles, and I must've run twice that.

I try to keep Mom in sight because she likes to get lost but I was so busy sniffing once that I let her get lost. Then I had to look around and bark for her because she might have never found me otherwise. She came back over the hill and found me and we took off again. She might try to tell you that I got lost, but really, it's the other way around.

It wasn't all good news, though. Once we got home I had to have a BATH. Mom said I was getting stinky and too dirty from the trails. Humans don't seem to understand how great it is to be dirty and dusty and have fun. Dad figured out that if he puts a bright colored towel in the tub I'm less afraid of jumping in, but still I'll only do it for a hot dog. And I don't like it once the water comes on. I like all the treats I get, though. And I get extra pets after baths because I'm extra soft. I like pets.

Mom says it's "Christmas" soon. She got a present in the mail, and it was for me! She did a "Secret Santa" and her Santa knew she lived with me so she sent me a toy! It squeaks. Well, it squeaked. I squeaked it for a while but then I started tearing into it and now it's a bunch of pieces. I liked it. It was the best toy ever. I still like playing tug and fetch with what's left of it. I guess Christmas is when you get good things. If that's true, then I want more wet food, more stuffed Kongs, more bully sticks, more hot dogs, more bones, more toys to tear apart, more out time, more time at the dog park, more running, more pets, and for the cat to love me as much as Mom and Dad love me. And for Mom to love me more than she loves the cat, forever and ever. Oh, and for Mom and Dad to play with me all the time.

But mostly I think I have it pretty good. Now if only the cat would play with me...

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