Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Blue Period

Resting with all my toys

Mom had to go to the human vet the other day that was far away so she could see better. She was gone FOREVER. Like, DAYS. I was so sad, and so happy when she came home. Dad gave me food and took me on walks but it's just not the same. Mom got a little upset that I didn't eat very much when she was gone. But I was so sad! How was I supposed to eat all my dinner if I was so sad? She's a little worried that I'm so slow eating my food now because when I first came here she had to give it to me a little at a time because I'd eat it all at once. It's just that no one steals my food now, except the cat sometimes but he doesn't worry me. I don't really worry about people stealing things from me anymore. I grumble at Dad sometimes, but I do what he says. Usually there are treats involved.

Mom was looking over my "paperwork" today because I think she wants to take me to the V-E-T again. She says that if my papers are right, then I'm gonna be three in May! We're celebrating my homecoming day instead, though, which is June 26. Maybe I'll get a cake?

It got really hot today and I went for a run with Mom and I got really hot. But then she put ice cubes in my water bowl and those are awesome. I even got a frozen Kong to cool off. She said something about moving so I could have "air conditioning." Sometimes I think she only wants to move for dog things, like being able to foster and letting me have more room, but I'm not sure. I think if she could, she'd take in all sorts of dogs and then we could all play and it'd be awesome. But right now I'm the only dog (and the best dog!) so I get all the treats. That's pretty cool, too.

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