Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Job

I have lots of jobs here. I warn everyone if someone strange is at the door, because that's very important. I lick the water off of Mom after she gets wet in the shower. I clean Dad's face because it needs to be clean. My favorite job, though, is kitchen duty. That's where I watch Mom whenever she's cooking anything to make sure she does it right, and that the floor stays clean. If she drops anything, I have to make sure to clean the floor by eating what she drops, or at least taking it to the other room if I don't want it.

Today, Mom made carrot salad, which meant she had to grate a lot of carrots. Sometimes pieces of carrot go flying from the grater onto the floor, so I had to clean those up. It was a Very Important Job. She also had little pieces of carrot she couldn't grate anymore, so I took care of those for her because letting them go to waste would be bad.

I am very focused on my job.

Sometimes I even get called in to the job. If Mom is cooking and I'm too busy to watch her, she'll call me in when she needs me. I don't know what she did without me, because I do all sorts of jobs. I am such a useful Koby!

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