Monday, September 26, 2011

Hi, I'm Koby! Let's play!

Hi, I'm Koby! Let's play! I like to play. I like to play all the time.

A long long time ago I found myself in a scary place full of lots of dogs. I couldn't play with them because they were all in separate kennels from me. I was sad and scared. Then I got to leave that scary place and go to a home! The man there took me on hikes and did something called "clicker training" where I get treats for doing things. I liked that. He said he wanted to keep me but his mom was scared of me. So I went to live with a lady with other dogs. That was fun, but she said she was trying to find me a forever home of my own. I didn't know what that meant. There were other dogs there so I had to guard my food and things so they wouldn't take it from me. She said black dogs like me sometimes have a hard time finding homes. She looked sad sometimes.

What I found out later was that there was a lady and a man (my mom and dad!) looking on a place called the "in-ter-net" for a dog. Mom gets sad sometimes and Dad told her she should live with a dog to make her happy. I think that's the best idea in the world! She also likes to go running outside with dogs and she would go to a place called a shelter to run with the dogs there, but I guess she wanted her own dog aaaaaallll to herself. So back to that "in-ter-net," somehow my mom found a picture of me! It even had my name with it! My mom wanted a big black dog named Koby, and I happened to be a black dog named Kobe! (She spells it wrong now. It's okay, I don't mind. I also don't think I'm that big, but Mom says I'm too big for her lap so I guess that makes me a big dog. I still sit on her lap, though.)

Well, one day I got to go in the car all by myself with no other dogs in there. And I got to meet Mom! She said I was very cute and very nice and even gave me treats! She handed the lady who was taking care of me some paper and got a bag with other papers and then she took me to her car. I was so excited about going somewhere that I wanted to sit up front, but Dad was in that seat and Mom didn't want me in her lap while she was driving. So I put my head on her shoulder and made sure we were going to the right place.

Mom and Dad took me to their home, which is something called an a-part-ment. To get to theirs, you go in this weird room and then the doors open again and you're someplace else! It must be magic. I think it's magic. Anyway, when I got inside I found a whole basket full of toys! There weren't any dogs to steal them from me, either, but I was still worried that someone would take my things away so I would growl if anyone got close. I'm very scary when I growl. I pulled all my toys out to play with them. Mom and Dad said I do something called "resource guarding" but really I'm just scared that someone's gonna take away my food and toys. But I had my own bed and even a couch to lay on, and tasty food and everything a boy like me could want. Mom and Dad said I was home now and that they would take care of me for a long time. I told them I would like that, and they must've listened cause I'm still here!

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  1. Kobe you are one handsome dude and such a lucky dog! Miss you and your cute personality but so glad you have your own mom and dad now. Please thank your mom for telling me about your blog. I am going to let Marty know too as I he would be very proud and excited for you. Keep up the good work. Love, your rescue mommy, Margie