Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hi, it's me, Koby, again! Mom keeps holding up a weird box at me but I don't know what it does. I sniffed it but it didn't smell like anything interesting. Mom's so weird.

Maybe if I stare really hard at her she'll let me have my treat.
Every day I practice being a good boy. Sometimes it's really hard. When we go on walks (my favorite!) I have to wait at the door until Mom or Dad goes through and then tells me I can go. I wait very patiently for my food, but it's hard because food is delicious. Mom and Dad give me their yogurt or other tasty things if I do what they say, though, so I like that. I can do lots of things! I can sit, I can stay, I can down, I can roll over, I can touch their hand with my nose, I can jump up, and I can wait. Waiting is hard. Mom sometimes puts a treat on the floor so we can practice waiting. I try to tell her that I can do this already and we don't have to practice and can I please just eat that treat already! She doesn't listen, though.

Yay, I get to eat my treat!
I don't get too many snacks right now because Mom says I have an upset tummy. I keep trying to tell her I'm okay but she isn't very good at listening to me. She says I have to go back to the V-E-T. I don't like it there. The people are nice but it's scary and I get poked a lot. Last time we went to the V-E-T I got to go to the big dog park, though. That was fun. Maybe this time we can go again! I like running and playing with the dogs there. Having an "upset tummy" means I get special food. I like special food. Mom makes me chicken which is delicious and rice which is boring. I eat the chicken and maybe the rice if I'm really hungry. Mom puts chicken broth on the rice which is tasty but sometimes when I try to drink the broth I end up eating the rice too. Rice is BORING. I keep telling her but Mom's so bad at listening to me, maybe she needs to practice.

Mom says she's going to make me something called a "flirt pole" so I can practice being good more but she told me it's going to be fun. She tried to teach me "leave it" and "take" cause I guess that's important, but I already knew how! I got her good. I just got treats for doing what I know! I like that. When she has her treats I'm very good cause I know I'll get treats for being good. I have to keep watching her and the treats though because she might forget to give them to me. I like treats.

I'm tired now so I need to go lay on Mom and Dad's big bed until Mom and Dad tell me to get off and go to my bed. Sometimes I pretend not to hear them so I can keep being comfortable. I need my rest too, it's so much work being a good boy. Parents just don't understand.

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