Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Very Favorite Blanket

I have a favorite blanket. It's soft and fuzzy and fun to play with. I like to chew on it. Sometimes I just sleep with it. It's my favorite blanket in the whole world, except maybe the big blue blanket Mom sometimes sleeps with on the couch. I like to chew that blanket but Mom says I can't and puts it away when she's done with it. She always puts away my very special toys like her shoes, cause once I chewed up her shoe when I was bored and she wasn't very happy with me.

My blanket AND my rope!
Today I went for a long walk with Mom and met lots of other dogs. I made friends with lots of them and played, but some of the dogs were mean to me. When dogs are mean to me I tell them to stop, which makes me look like a naughty dog. I guess I have to go to school to learn to ignore dogs when they're mean to me. Mom has a lot to learn, too. I'm her first real dog and though she learned a lot from the dogs at the shelter I still have a lot to teach her. I like teaching Mom. When I do a good job she clicks her clicker and gives me treats. She says I get to go to the dog park more, too, to learn to be nicer to all dogs and to burn off some energy. I like the dog park. There's the close dog park which sometimes we walk to but there aren't many dogs there and it isn't very big. My very favorite dog park is the one we drive to sometimes, where there are lots of dogs and there's lots of room for me to run around and lots of trees for me to sniff. Mom takes me there to run off my zoomies. I get zoomies a lot. Then I lay down on the floor when I'm tired.

I like the floor.
Mom's making faces at the computer again, which means I need to bring her a toy and play with her so she stops being sad. I'm still working on teaching her to have good days all the time, like me.
Play with me?

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