Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Working those brain cells.
Mom put a cookie with a string tied around it under the couch, and then pulled it out to show me how she could get it by pulling on the string. She showed me a few times but I didn't get what she was doing. All I knew was that she kept putting the cookie under the couch and I wanted it! I put my nose under the couch but I couldn't get the cookie. I could smell the cookie and see the cookie, but I couldn't eat the cookie. I was very sad.

There's a cookie under there...
I tried to get Mom to get me the cookie but she wouldn't. I tried staring at her until she got it for me but she didn't. She just said I had to figure it out for myself. But I had figured it out, my nose wouldn't fit under the couch so she had to get it for me! So embarrassing. I finally tried using my paws to get it and it worked! I'm still not sure what that string has to do with anything.

I guess we get to practice this "game" some more until I do what I'm supposed to do. Why don't they just give me the cookie? I like cookies.

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