Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dog Park!

I'm feeling better now so today I got to go to the dog park. I love the dog park. It's the best place ever. There's dogs there and I like to play with them. Mom forgot her camera, though, so we don't have any pictures of me playing and running. My favorite game to play with other dogs is chase. I had a lot of good games of chase today. I don't know why some dogs don't like to play with me. They just ignore me when I try to play chase with them. I was being very nice, but they ignored me. That was okay, though, cause there were lots of dogs that did want to play chase. We had lots of fun.

Once we got home I was very hungry and tired. I even ate my special food which I don't like very much. Then I rested. I go from place to place, because sometimes I'm in the mood for the couch and other times the floor. Dad leaves his laundry out by the bed which I like because it's nice to lay on. Sometimes I like the laundry better than my bed.

Mom says she likes me better when I'm sleepy. That's silly, I don't play as much when I'm sleepy. But Mom likes me that way so she takes me to the dog park so I can run off my zoomies. I don't have very many zoomies left now. I guess I should recharge.

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