Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting Comfortable

I used to guard really high value things like rawhides and raw bones. I would growl if Mom or Dad got too close if I had one and once I snapped at Dad because he was making me uncomfortable when I had a rawhide. Mom knew about this when I came here, so she knew she had to work on it. She got me lots of tasty things like pork chews so we could practice "drop it." I was excited cause the clicker means more treats! Thing is, I get so excited over hot dogs that I have to make sure Mom is going to give them to me. That means I didn't really chew on the pork chew, so Mom got out a secret weapon-- a raw bone. Before, I was really scared Mom or Dad was going to take this bone away from me, so Mom traded me for a hot dog and then put the bone in the freezer for practice later. Mom gave me the bone but I was much more interested in what she wanted me to do for the clicker. I tried all the tricks I knew but she wouldn't click! Finally she had me "drop it" when I was chewing on it, and when I did, I got a piece of hot dog! Hot dogs are the best. She could even take the bone away from me. It was okay, I knew she was going to give it back. Later I chewed on the bone next to her on the couch. Mom was amazed because I was so trusting now, but it's because I know she isn't going to take anything away from me forever (except maybe things I find on walks that smell tasty.)

I guess I still need to work on completely dropping whatever I'm told to drop, instead of only dropping it if someone is holding it. But "working on it" means the clicker, and more treats! I like treats. I hope we train again soon.

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